Delete a File on a Apple Mac Computer

I found a shortcut to delete a file on a Mac.  I thought I would pass it along as it has taken me awhile to find a solution to Mac’s normal ways to delete a file.

Deleting a file in a Mac is usually done by dragging the file into the Trash.  Pretty easy.  Except that when you use a laptop, it requires you to (usually) use two fingers to operate the mouse so that you can both click and then drag the file.

The other option that most people know about is right-clicking on a file.  Of course, if you don’t have an external mouse, again it can take more than a quick push of a button to delete a file.

So I have been looking for a quick, easy, painless solution.  The first solution is quicker than the above two, but still requires two hands (or one extremely large hand).  When you select a file and want to delete it, simply press Command+Delete.  Presto!  The file will be moved to the Trash.

But how about an even quicker solution?  It is rather simple.  Go to System Preferences and make sure the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab at the top is selected.  Then selection “Application Shortcuts”.  Click the “+” button to add a new shortcut.  Choose which application you want this to be used in by selecting it from the drop down menu.  In this case, choose “Finder”.  Then in the Menu Title type: Move to Trash.  Finally, in the Keyboard Shortcut, choose the shortcut you want to use to delete a file.  I chose Command+E.  (To do this, I simply pressed Command+E and the shortcut was set.)

I tested this out several times and it works great.  With one quick move of the hand I can easily delete a file.  And since it’s a combination of two keys, I’m less likely to accidentally hit a key (like the “delete” key on a PC) and delete a file.

Hope this helps someone!

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