Get Rid of Annnoying Email Notifications from WordPress

The past two weeks I’ve started getting a large amount of emails from WordPress letting me know that I received a comment on one of my posts that I needed to moderate (i.e. approve/disapprove/mark as spam).  Most of the comments I have been receiving to my site (not this one) have been spam.  So getting 5-10 emails a day about comments being left is annoying especially when most/all are spam.  (Note: I have my comments set-up such that a comment has to be approved by me before it is actually posted for everyone to see.  I would recommend the same.)

So how do you turn off the email notifications?

Login to your WordPress dashboard. In the menus, go to: Settings » Discussion. Then look at where it says “Email me whenever” and un-check the boxes there.

The downside is that you will no longer be notified via email if someone posts to your site including a valid comment (and not a spam comment).  However, you can simply go to your site and view all of the comments waiting for you to moderate (i.e. approve/disapprove/mark as spam) and moderate them all at once.

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