Get Rid of Annnoying Email Notifications from WordPress

The past two weeks I’ve started getting a large amount of emails from WordPress letting me know that I received a comment on one of my posts that I needed to moderate (i.e. approve/disapprove/mark as spam).  Most of the comments I have been receiving to my site (not this one) have been spam.  So getting 5-10 emails a day about comments being left is annoying especially when most/all are spam.  (Note: I have my comments set-up such that a comment has to be approved by me before it is actually posted for everyone to see.  I would recommend the same.)

So how do you turn off the email notifications?

Login to your WordPress dashboard. In the menus, go to: Settings » Discussion. Then look at where it says “Email me whenever” and un-check the boxes there.

The downside is that you will no longer be notified via email if someone posts to your site including a valid comment (and not a spam comment).  However, you can simply go to your site and view all of the comments waiting for you to moderate (i.e. approve/disapprove/mark as spam) and moderate them all at once.

Cut / Paste and Copy / Paste with an Apple Mac Computer

So it took me awhile to find this so I thought I’d pass it along.

Any PC simply uses Control+X to cut a file, Control+C to copy a file, and then Control+V to paste a file.

Is there a way to do this on a Mac? Yes.

To copy a file: Command+C and then go to the new location you want the file and press Command+V
(Note: This leaves a copy of the file in the place it currently is and then creates a new copy in whatever new folder you choose.)
To move a file: Command+C and and then go to the new location you want the file and press Command+Option+V
(Note: This takes the file from its current location and moves it to whatever new folder you choose.)

HTC Touch Pro 2–The Day is Finally Here

According to the official HTC Twitter, the HTC Touch Pro 2 is coming to Sprint on September 8th.  While I’m not one to rush out in wait in line (yeah, like they’ll actually be a line), I am interested to see what everyone thinks of it.  Since my contract with Sprint is so phenomenal, it would cost me around $50-75 to switch to AT&T and go with the iPhone–an amount I can’t justify.

So the Touch Pro 2 is my only hope of having an extremely fancy yet advanced smartphone.  Granted, there are others but none of them have really impressed me especially when compared to the iPhone.  But the Touch Pro seemed to come the closest.  So I have held out hopes that the Touch Pro 2 would meet my expectations and give me a phone similar to the iPhone.

Google Voice is Online Voicemail with Transcription Options

Google finally made use of its acquisition of GrandCentral back in 2007 by releasing Google Voice.

One advanced feature is that it will turn the voicemail into text for you and then SMS text message you or email you the text of the voicemail.

Google Voice is in its pre-release form and will be available to everyone soon.  If you want to know when you can use it, fill out this short form for Google, and they’ll email you.

For more info, visit Google Voice is Online Voicemail.

Intel Core i7 Chipset on the Market

Ok, so the super-geek in me loves tech stuff.  And this new chip from Intel is simply put: UNBELIEVABLE.

The tech-side of me wants to rush right out and buy a computer that has one of these chips, but then the frugal-side of me reminds me that my budget can’t handle it.  So, alas, I wait….and know that at some point I will be using one of these babies!

Intel Core i7